The Grounds

Meech Lake Retreat is surrounded by two-acres of gardens, lawn, ferns and mature trees. The perennial gardens are always offering something new and are augmented by a selection of annuals.

There are as many types of wild ferns throughout the grounds as you could imagine. Every hue of green is represented as are leaf shapes and sizes. The lower grounds are full of fiddle heads in late April and if we’re quick we can pick enough to freeze.

There are wild strawberries, raspberries, leeks, blackberries, crab apples and violets – all edible. The path the deer take to the lake crosses our front lawn so we often have deer trimming the grass, hostas and Yew tree. Wild Turkey can be heard gobbling in the woods up, behind the house and the loons call wafts up from the lake in the morning. A special sight is the Pileated Woodpecker – a very large, ancient looking bird. Frogs find a home in our small pond and hummingbirds will stop to splash in the tiny waterfall.

photos: ©normalubrown 2013